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Nictow Sigil

The current time travel craze

There are a lot of people that would be going, “OMG, a time traveller!!1!”

My answer: Meh.

Perhaps a prescient prop manager. Maybe a director with an eye towards the future. Time travel, in this case, is unlikely.

Why? Well, a cellphone is not the only part of the cell network. Take a cell phone back to 1920, even with a charger, and you are looking at a fancy flashlight. There are no cell towers in 1920, no interconnects with the normal phone system. Heck the tone system of dialing didn’t even come into play until 1963. In other words, and cellphone would be a relatively useless piece of anachronistic junk when the video was made. It would be as likely that the woman was an alien and contacting her mothership.


Even if she had the charger, she might not have been able to charge the phone.

In 1927, a lot of places still used Edison screw sockets. Unless they had the prescience to bring an adaptor, they probably wouldn't be able to charge it.

Of course, the real truth has been shown that it is either a shadow or an early electrical hearing aid. Which makes a lot more sense than a cell phone.
Weird...but I doubt it's a cell phone.

I forgot what show this was on...only a few nights ago, one of the late night shows making fun, showing someone walking by with a boombox, segway, etc.
Nictow Sigil

February 2015



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